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RICO Busters: Segment #4 – Racketeering evidence is believed strong enough to put 34th District Court judge Brian Oakley in jail for criminal aiding and abetting



In this segment, we pick up from our last discussion about how Crystal Price’s documents reveal the means and the modus operandi by which we summarized that she was victimized by criminal racketeers disguised as legitimate government departments, courts, “foreclosure specialist” law firms and banking mega-corporations. Crystal’s case started when Trott & Trott moved forward with foreclosure proceedings and a lawsuit against Crystal while acting as the “agent” for Bank of America – a mortgage “servicer” – and Freddie Mac – the new government owner after Trott & Trott and Bank of America worked together to defraud Crystal out of her home using a scheme called “dual tracking” and then filed suit against Crystal on behalf of Freddie Mac to have her evicted from the home that was rightfully hers.

As shown already, Trott & Trott and Bank of America – AND the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department, as shown only thus far to a lesser extent – used falsified documents, notary fraud, public postings, and only the “color of law” – something like “smoke and mirrors” – to defraud the government, the public, the Courts, and Crystal Price herself, eventually taking her home and attempting finally to have her evicted and put out on the streets like so many other victims of this operation taking place in Michigan and across America.

Now we begin a closer look at the documents proving the felony racketeering that is operating in full view of the public, but masked as legitimate legal banking and foreclosure proceedings, law “enforcement”, and due process court hearings, altogether used instrumentally to torment and traumatize Ms. Price, as well as so many other innocent people, while otherwise blaming these victims for their own victimization.

As shown in the previous segment, Crystal has long been notifying judicial authorities about these crimes, including lawyers and judges, who otherwise have the responsibility of issuing warrants for the minimal purpose of conducting judicial “inquiries” based upon criminal allegations, as shown under Michigan’s Code of Criminal Procedure MCL 764.1a, to which even federal judges are also compelled to adhere.

This segment looks in depth at how Wayne County’s 34th District Court judge – Brian Oakley – of Wayne County treated Ms. Price after he, himself, had previously committed other crimes against Crystal, which we will get into shortly, to demonstrate how judges in Wayne County are also “aiding and abetting” in the execution of these foreclosure crimes and thefts on people’s homes.

This segment proposes to set forth the reasonable argument that judges who readily admit on the record that they are repeatedly and arbitrarily acting in their own capacity, should be tried in their individual capacity under the RICO Act for their crimes , without the application of “judicial immunity” from civil tort claims and criminal prosecution.

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RICO Busters investigative journalism segments uncover criminal corruption in Wayne County and Michigan that should yield indictments


Segment #1: Intro to RICO Busters –


Welcome to RICO Busters, providing you with the tools of grassroots success in exposing and rooting out abuses of corporate and government power, and reinstating honesty and transparency in these power structures. This program is FOR the People and BY the People. WE are the whistleblowers. WE are the investigators. And WE THE PEOPLE are demonstrating the taking back of our responsibilities AS America’s real government.”

The fact is that we have a revolving door between the judicial and executive branches of the state. Indeed this is happening throughout the United States. There are no checks and balances. Instead, our public ‘servants’ are regularly engaging in aiding and abetting each other as they use color of law and administrative procedure to deprive the rest of us of our due process rights, and to pad their own bank accounts with our money and property. They operate with no morality or ethics, and no rule of law. We are right now living in a lawless state – a lawless America. The time has come to define ourselves as Americans. Will we continue to be on the bandwagon that has led Americans to become hated instead of admired all over the world because of our self-serving greed and legal maneuvering? Or will we be part of the growing movement that is taking on a personal responsibility for getting back under OUR control a corporate-government oligarchy run
amuck. There is no doubt by many that we need to get government back in its “box,” and back within its confines of our state and the United States constitutions.

RICO Busters bring to you this series of connected investigative reports spotlighting racketeering and corruption by public officials across the state of Michigan. One objective of this series is to bring back the kind of investigative journalism that has long been mostly missing in the mainstream of local and national news reporting. Another objective is to expose those who are believed to be the domestic terrorists in government. These are officials who – leaving little room for doubt – have long been posturing for positions for personal gain and political power. These are people who present the strong appearance of providing comfort and cover to their peer group of other treasonous criminals rather than living up to their own Oaths of public office to serve and protect the People’s constitutionally guaranteed AMERICAN rights.

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PCA #5 – David Schied levies criminal allegations against Eric Holder & the U.S. Supreme Court Justices


David Schied has been battling Michigan government corruption since becoming a credentialed special education schoolteacher in 2003. Since 2004, David has been fighting as a “plaintiff” in the courts, starting out with an attorney and then moving on to handling his own cases when finding that his attorneys’ supported arguments and evidence were being trumphed by fraudulent statements, gross omissions, and unsupported “bare assertions” by the government co-defendants. From the beginning, it was clear that crimes were being perpetrated against David, and when he found the courts undermining his assertions of “public policy violations” by the publishing of fraudulent “judgments”, “rulings”, “opinions”, and “decisions” by Michigan judges, he realized that felony cover-ups were taking place. Upon taking these “crime reports” to the executive branch of Michigan government (i.e., to county prosecutors and to the Office of the Michigan Attorney General) David Schied collected more documented “responses” from the government revealing again a multi-tier conspiracy to cover-up “predicate” crimes through top-to-bottom criminal racketeering and corruption.

Beginning around 2007, David began filing cases in the federal courts; again going first through an attorney and then witnessing the “same patterns” of corruption at every level of “redress” and “appeal”…all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Likewise, when he took the evidence and crimes to the U.S. Attorney’s office, to the FBI, and to others employed by the U.S. Department of Justice, David found only more of the same all the way up to the Office of the U.S. Attorney General. This video therefore presents a smorgasbord of documents, while pointing out some very interesting – and contradictory – findings in the rulings and decisions used against him by state and federal judges, and state and federal prosecutor, to continually dismiss his allegations and his cases, eventually costing David Schied everything he had and destroying his reputation, his career as a schoolteacher, and his ability to support his family.

Finding that the mainstream media added to the environment of corruption by their refusal to provide public exposure about the seedy people in high positions of government power, David Schied began relying upon his former film and television career in Hollywood, as well as his film production undergraduate degree and Master’s degree and experience in the field of Education, to provide an alternative media outlet to warn and educate others. He is currently engaged in taping stories of crime victims of government and corporate corruption. This website exhibits many of those stories, and the video found below summarizes David Schied’s story. It ends therefore, as based upon the plethora of available evidence, with criminal allegations against U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr. and all of the named “justices” of the U.S. Supreme Court. The bottom line for David Schied, and indeed many others, is that we need to re-institute independent “citizens’ grand juries” as the “4th Branch of Government” to call corrupt government to accountability for not doing their job, as this video demonstrates, to maintain the proper “checks and balances” on each of the three branches of government as otherwise prescribed and delegated by our State and Unites States constitutions.

UPDATED NOTE: Since the creation and posting of this video, retired Michigan Supreme Court Justice and judicial whistle-blower Elizabeth A. Weaver published her 764-page book, “Judicial Deceit: Tyranny and Unnecessary Secrecy at the Michigan Supreme Court,” detailing her insider’s view of the same corruption that David Schied has been screaming about for the past decade. Since turning in her resignation and coming out with a press conference in 2010 with the TRUTH about the corruption in the Michigan judiciary and Supreme Court, Justice Weaver has gone public with her decade or more of findings. As I have come to know her more personally, she is happy knowing that she is echoing that which we have also long been screaming from the grassroots – that the entire system is broken and in need of reforms. Thank you, Justice Weaver. I have read your book and am proud to be fighting alongside you for the reforms that you recommend.



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