Power Corrupts – (John Golfis)


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“Power Corrupts” begins as an inquiry about why the Texas republican clubs would be having their merger celebration hosted by a convicted SEX OFFENDER and CAREER CRIMINAL. The story gets more involved however, as it reveals how career criminal John C. Golfis weaved a complicated network of government officials (including former U.S. President George H.W. Bush, artists, prominent Texas judges, a former police chief-turned-professional detective) and others into his over three-decade history of “Ponzi schemes”. “SAFE AT LAST!” self-defense expert DAVID SCHIED then meticulously reveals how this registered sex offender and professional con artist used government bureaucrats and movie stars to lure unsuspecting business investors, artists, company employees, and other business vendors into his criminal “web”.

The story then moves on to individually name, and present a plethora of Evidence and “indictments” against, specific State and Federal law enforcement personnel (e.g., the LAPD “chief” Bernard Parks, the Los Angeles prosecutor Gil Garcetti, a California attorney general-turned-Congressman Dan Lungren, and his “assistant” Gloriamalia Perez, another Congressman Elton Gallegly, FBI agent Gene Kennedy) and numerous other trusted high-profile government officials. David Schied reveals how he and numerous other crime victims had repeatedly petitioned these government officials with decades of grievances about the crimes of fraud being committed by John Golfis; and he demonstrates the manner in which these petitions were met only with repeated injuries by the incompetence and gross negligence of these government officials who TODAY STILL HOLD PRESTIGIOUS GOVERNMENT OFFICES when they otherwise should be held to criminal accountability for “aiding and abetting” and “covering up” the ongoing crimes of John Constantine Golfis.

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