PCA #5 – David Schied levies criminal allegations against Eric Holder & the U.S. Supreme Court Justices


David Schied has been battling Michigan government corruption since becoming a credentialed special education schoolteacher in 2003. Since 2004, David has been fighting as a “plaintiff” in the courts, starting out with an attorney and then moving on to handling his own cases when finding that his attorneys’ supported arguments and evidence were being trumphed by fraudulent statements, gross omissions, and unsupported “bare assertions” by the government co-defendants. From the beginning, it was clear that crimes were being perpetrated against David, and when he found the courts undermining his assertions of “public policy violations” by the publishing of fraudulent “judgments”, “rulings”, “opinions”, and “decisions” by Michigan judges, he realized that felony cover-ups were taking place. Upon taking these “crime reports” to the executive branch of Michigan government (i.e., to county prosecutors and to the Office of the Michigan Attorney General) David Schied collected more documented “responses” from the government revealing again a multi-tier conspiracy to cover-up “predicate” crimes through top-to-bottom criminal racketeering and corruption.

Beginning around 2007, David began filing cases in the federal courts; again going first through an attorney and then witnessing the “same patterns” of corruption at every level of “redress” and “appeal”…all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Likewise, when he took the evidence and crimes to the U.S. Attorney’s office, to the FBI, and to others employed by the U.S. Department of Justice, David found only more of the same all the way up to the Office of the U.S. Attorney General. This video therefore presents a smorgasbord of documents, while pointing out some very interesting – and contradictory – findings in the rulings and decisions used against him by state and federal judges, and state and federal prosecutor, to continually dismiss his allegations and his cases, eventually costing David Schied everything he had and destroying his reputation, his career as a schoolteacher, and his ability to support his family.

Finding that the mainstream media added to the environment of corruption by their refusal to provide public exposure about the seedy people in high positions of government power, David Schied began relying upon his former film and television career in Hollywood, as well as his film production undergraduate degree and Master’s degree and experience in the field of Education, to provide an alternative media outlet to warn and educate others. He is currently engaged in taping stories of crime victims of government and corporate corruption. This website exhibits many of those stories, and the video found below summarizes David Schied’s story. It ends therefore, as based upon the plethora of available evidence, with criminal allegations against U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr. and all of the named “justices” of the U.S. Supreme Court. The bottom line for David Schied, and indeed many others, is that we need to re-institute independent “citizens’ grand juries” as the “4th Branch of Government” to call corrupt government to accountability for not doing their job, as this video demonstrates, to maintain the proper “checks and balances” on each of the three branches of government as otherwise prescribed and delegated by our State and Unites States constitutions.

UPDATED NOTE: Since the creation and posting of this video, retired Michigan Supreme Court Justice and judicial whistle-blower Elizabeth A. Weaver published her 764-page book, “Judicial Deceit: Tyranny and Unnecessary Secrecy at the Michigan Supreme Court,” detailing her insider’s view of the same corruption that David Schied has been screaming about for the past decade. Since turning in her resignation and coming out with a press conference in 2010 with the TRUTH about the corruption in the Michigan judiciary and Supreme Court, Justice Weaver has gone public with her decade or more of findings. As I have come to know her more personally, she is happy knowing that she is echoing that which we have also long been screaming from the grassroots – that the entire system is broken and in need of reforms. Thank you, Justice Weaver. I have read your book and am proud to be fighting alongside you for the reforms that you recommend.



PowerCorruptsAgain:Chinagate II (10-Minute Overview and Summary)


Two professors from the University of Michigan come forth as whistleblowers to reveal that one of our country’s premier unversity’s President Mary Sue Coleman and Regents have for this past decade been participating in the greatest “sell out” of our country’s greatest economic treasures in history… China. It’s not only our manufacturing jobs but our our technology that is going overseas. What they don’t steal from us through theft and espionage, these education leaders are outright giving away through corporate-style “joint ventures” and a massive rush-to-greed. On the bandwagon…..the new Michigan governor? Seems Gov. Rick Snyder has been playing down his involvment in startup businesses in China and with China, both directly and indirectly. Seems also that there is an increasing exposure of certain facts surrounding his “venturing” into companies dealing with “dual-use” technology, which CAN (and does) get used for all kinds of “smart” warfare, even against our troops when put into the wrong hands. Have we got the light shining on greedy politicians and university brass with their hands in the cookie jar? Watch the 10-minute “teaser” with an overview of over three hours of studio interviews with Dr. Bill Kauffman and Dr. Doug Smith.



And afterwards, watch this 4-part video series with the details from these two university professors who had witnessed things from the inside, and who were retaliated against for years for trying to expose this “fleecing” of American jobs and technology and putting our country potentially at great risk for their own selfish profit. You be the judge.

PowerCorruptsAgain:Chinagate II_Seg2


PowerCorruptsAgain:Chinagate II_Seg3


PowerCorruptsAgain:Chinagate II_Seg4


Power Corrupts 3 – (Gen. Motors / Camille McMillan) (part1)


Hello, and welcome back to “Power Corrupts”. I’m David Schied, a person just like you who is interested and doing something about the corruption of power I see happening all around me here in the United States.


Power Corrupts 3 – (Gen. Motors / Camille McMillan) (part2)


Let’s also keep in mind that Camille McMillan received her diagnosis of having Multiple Sclerosis in 1995! She nevertheless worked hard and she didn’t ask for any special favors….Most certainly, she never received any either with THIS group of GM supervisors and managers. Shall we take a closer look at the true character of some of these individuals with which Camille was forced to work, and from whom else she was obligated to follow directions?


Power Corrupts 3 – (Gen. Motors / Camille McMillan) (part3)


So here we have two women working in what has been a traditionally male-dominated employment environment. Add to that….both are women of color working under a nearly entirely white staff of supervisory plant and executive management at General Motors. Both women are subject to sexual intimidation and both report racial threats.


Power Corrupts 3 – (Gen. Motors / Camille McMillan) (part4)


The documentation of the Torres case shows us what might have occurred with Camille McMillan had she been more assertive with the escalation of her formal grievances through the system of “administrative remedies’ set up by the union. This brings us back now to Camille McMillan’s case, and with her taking the less formal approach of writing letters in request for personal assistance from GM management, from her union “brothers”, and from her legal and civil rights “representatives”. Isn’t this the route that the UAW’s Public Review Board stated that Debra Torres should have taken?…. these “other avenues”, to deal with those problem managers, like “having more discussions with her local Union members”?

PDF File, Power Corrupts Again and Again (Part 4)

Power Corrupts Again – (Benton Harbor / Rev. Pinkney)


“What’s Going On in Benton Harbor?” – “SAFE AT LAST!” self-defense expert DAVID SCHIED introduces this story about “The Trial of Rev. Pinkney”, a black activist and outspoken minister FOR social justice and AGAINST civil rights oppression and the deprivation of Constitutional liberties.

David Schied reminds his audience that the type of corruption spotlighted by this story – involving the abuse of power by law enforcement, by prosecutors, and by judges – is, and always has been, a commonplace experience for poor African-Americans. What Rev. Pinkney is experiencing – being “railroaded” to prison and “forced” into a lifetime of carrying a felony “conviction” record – is occurring all over the country.

This is the story of a true American patriot – Reverend Edward Pinkney – who is no less of a leader of freedom and justice than the founding fathers of our U.S. Constitution; and he is no less a fighter…for equality in education, for equality in opportunity, and for the governance of America legitimately BY the people…not corruptly OVER the people. The story is entitled, “What’s Going On in Benton Harbor?” The title is presented as a question, however upon viewing this video…viewers will easily recognized that they already KNOW what is going on in Benton Harbor. This story should be as disturbing and as insulting to you as an American….as it did disturb and insult David Schied when he first heard about this “miscarriage of justice” and questioned this case of felony corruption in and around the courtroom of Judge Alfred Butzbaugh, Prosecutor Gerald Vigansky, and county employee Det/Sgt Dan Dannifel of southwestern Michigan.

“Untitled” 3rd film about decades of corruption at the management level of a major Detroit automaker, in combination of civil and Constitutional rights violations against a disabled minority woman. She has decades of documentation showing that despite “playing by the rules” and doing everything right, she was nonetheless denied services by her union, by corporate management, by civil rights and labor department, the ACLU, the NAACP, and by lawyers and judges when reporting abuse, threats of violence, sexual harassment, and retaliation by her blue collar management.

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