In this segment, we pick up in depicting how the Trott & Trott and the Dykema law firms, immediately violated the 34th District Court order to remove Crystal Price’s counter-complaint to the Wayne County “3rd Judicial” Circuit Court by filing by instead filing in the U.S. District Court where Crystal’s attorney Henry Sandweiss – was not authorized to practice law. This was also where Crystal’s attorney Sandweiss attempted to extort $20,000 out of Crystal in effort to coerce her into taking a $4000 offer from the criminals and call it quits. That is when Crystal filed to have Sandweiss taken off of her case so to go at it on her own as a “pro se” litigant.

When Alexandra Wolfe and Matthew Levine, the “co-counsel” attorneys for Freddie Mac, had seen that Crystal was not going to take their $4000 offer to stay out of federal court, and instead had fired her attorney and took the case on herself, they realized that their strategy to pressure, intimidate, and extort Crystal did not work. So they were busy scrambling to cover their tracks by filing bogus civil claims in the Wayne County Circuit Court.

While they were doing that, Ms. Price filed her motion in the federal court asking the federal judges – Paul Komives and Mark Goldsmith – for a default judgment in her favor and against Freddie Mac because of Freddie Mac’s failure to file their “answer” to Crystal’s cross-complaint. Of course, those federal judges would not do it, and instead, they ended up ruling to dismiss Crystal’s counter-complaint altogether; ignoring all of the claims and the overwhelming evidence of the fraud leading up to this point…and forcing Crystal – again UNDER COLOR OF LAW – to either give up or to exercise her right to “due process” – at her own cost – to “appeal” the federal decision at the 6th Circuit Court.

Subsequently, as also shown, the tribunal of 6th Circuit Court judges – consisting of one former “chief” judge Danny Boggs and the current “chief” judge Alice Batchelder, as two of the three judges on the 6th Circuit tribunal to review all this fraud – who altogether chose, along with the third judge Eric Clay, to instead look the other way and shirk their obligation to do the right thing, again dismissed Crystal’s 6th Circuit Court appeal.

This course of events thus took the period between mid-2012 to the beginning of 2014 leading to where Crystal Price found herself once again – right where she started two years earlier in the judicial process – before Judge Brian Oakley in the 34th District Court, confronting him with what he had done OFF the record, in manufacturing fraudulent judicial records, in which he had been having her pay $700 a month to that court for two years by Order that the money was to be going to Fannie Mae when – in fact – no escrow account was ever opened to Crystal’s credit….and confronting Judge Oakley with the resulting fraud that took place that previous two years with the criminal extortion by her attorney and cover-up by the federal judges of the FACT that Oakley’s directive to escalate the case to the circuit court had been disregarded when Freddie Mac, Trott & Trott, and the Dykema law firm took the matter to the federal level.

Ultimately, Oakley – like all of the federal judges – dismissed Crystal’s efforts to have the 3-year pending “eviction” case against her dismissed. In ruling for Trott & Trott and their client of Freddie Mac, Crystal was forced ONCE AGAIN to sustain further injury by taking her “appeal” of Oakley’s actions to the even more corrupt Wayne County Circuit Court.

That leads us as the audience to the Wayne County Circuit Court room of Judge Daphne Means Curtis, where Crystal has been for the past few months, and – in fact – has already been before unknowingly two years ago –with one of three previous BOGUS cases that was filed on behalf of, and in conjunction with, Trott & Trott attorneys.

Might we want to ask ourselves what Judge Daphne Curtis and her husband were doing with the Trott & Trott law firm when getting foreclosed upon by JPMC Specialty Mortgage in 2013 and 2014, while going through the jurisdiction of the circuit court of WASHTENAW COUNTY… when the mortgage records at the Register of Deeds and the property itself are both located in Wayne County? How ‘bout we ask ourselves what the long-time employed Wayne County Judge Daphne Curtis was doing being represented in court by a poverty lawyer from the Michigan Poverty Law Program? What other significant events took place in the life of Judge Daphne Curtis and her attorney husband, such as is reflected in this attorney discipline record showing the suspension of Paul Curtis’ law license in June 2013? Are you interested?

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