Many are saying that the entire system of Wayne County government is corrupt – from top to bottom – as is the government of the entire State. Are “We The People” exaggerating about such claims? This segment proves there to be no exaggeration about the facts….about how the banks and foreclosure mills are involved in racketeering, and how the dirty money from these crimes is paying the highest offices of Michigan’s executive and judicial branches to look the other way.

This segment analyzes the available documentation, and follows the money trail in answering why David Trott and his “partners” in crime have remained free to continue making millions on massive numbers of property foreclosures using misleading advertising and fraudulent sheriff deeds, by using robo-signers instead of legitimate notaries public, and by using illegal procedures under mere “color of law”…revealing why these criminals are not yet in jail. We see that, for a number of years, David Trott’s wife Kathleen has been employed by the last two administrations of the Michigan Attorney General. We also see who of Trott & Trott is donating to the campaigns of the current AG and Governor, Bill Schuette and Rick Snyder.

This segment delves into the March 2014 “Audit of the Department of Justice Efforts to Address Mortgage Fraud” whereby the Fed’s own Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force reported how mortgage fraud crimes evolved away from loan origination fraud toward foreclosure rescue and loan modification scams, and short-sale frauds like that which eventually put former Wayne County judge and former Michigan Supreme Court justice Diane Hathaway into a federal prison in 2013. What the Inspector General’s audit uncovered that was part of the problem, was that despite being allocated certain increased funding to address these types of financial crimes, the number of mortgage and foreclosure fraud cases opened by the FBI for investigation actually declined because of a substantial diversion of resources for going after these white-collar criminals. One might bet that these resources of the FBI were put to more use investigating so-called “sovereign citizens” and Ron Paul supporters, leaving the door wide open for people like David Trott and his elitist group to continue ransacking the rest of the People of the State.

With regard to uncovering more about Crystal Price’s “poster” case, this segment explains more about what constitutes legal court “standing” and “jurisdiction” and what does not. As Crystal explains, it is up to the complainant in each case to prove to the court that their case meets each of these qualifications in order to prove a legitimate “standing” for taking someone to court. Thus, courts determine allegations of facts based upon evidence and sworn declarations and Affidavits of the complaining party. If those declared allegations and affidavits that swear to the authentication of material facts are determined to be fraudulent, the complaint not only loses “standing” to be in court, the complainant is – by such a determination – guilty of numerous felony crimes.

This is precisely what Crystal Price is saying now, after providing ample proof to corrupted state and federal courts operating here in Michigan that her home was taken by a conspiracy of racketeers consisting of the Trott & Trott foreclosure law firm, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department, and the Wayne County Register of Deeds….along with the criminal “aiding and abetting” of the 34th District Court “judge” Brian Oakley, located in Romulus – also in Wayne County, Michigan – and additional “aiding and abetting” by one federal magistrate and one regular judge of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, both located in Detroit, and additionally by two former 6th Circuit Court of Appeals “chief” judges and a third 6th Circuit judge who also were aiding and abetting in this felony racketeering and conspiracy to deprive Crystal Price of her property and other rights.

Crystal can prove that she has gotten all of this out in the open – as a matter of public record – decrying what the only “system” available to her for proper redress is doing to her CRIMINALLY, rather than to help to resolve and to rectify what Trott & Trott, Bank of America, the government-sponsored enterprise of Freddie Mac, and the lower courts are all doing to her.

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