So, who do you call when your tax dollars the government is supposed to fund is instead used to support corporate criminals and their representative “agents” such as attorneys? Who do you notify when law enforcement stops enforcing the law and instead applies the color of law to commit tyranny upon the people? What do you do when the courts become the settings where crimes are legitimized and covered up under pretense of providing due process, while falsifying, modifying, and stealing what are supposed to be authenticated, complete, and permanent records?

Who are these people in positions of trust, who swear their solemn Oaths to their duties of office and to protect and uphold the guarantees of our governments under state and United States constitutions?….Who then turn right around and regularly violate those oaths, those duties and the professional ethics behind those duties, and the due process rights of the very people who have entrusted them with such privilege of being public servants?

Have these so-called “officials” – being law enforcement and judicial officers – lost all touch with reality, in knowing who really is in charge here? How about us – we the People? Have we too forgotten our true power, as individuals and collectively, to hold government criminals accountable to the People?

Some of us have not forgotten our independence and our rights. We are the “RICO Busters” – ordinary people doing extraordinary things in the name of our families, our children and grandchildren, and our neighboring Americans. We are taking our country back, one investigative step at a time. By doing what mainstream media has long been failing to provide under the First Amendment as a truly “free” press; and by teaching what our government-run public schools have failed to provide in educating the last few generations of Americans – both indigenous and immigrants – with the First Principles upon which this once great nation of the United States was originally founded.

We are people just like you – shining a light on corporate and government racketeering. We are the RICO Busters. We are “the People” and….”Weee’re Baaaack.

This segment provides a detailed overview of the many types of crimes that the Trott & Trott law firm has been committing against Crystal through the fraudulent robo-signing of sworn and notarized Affidavits and the subsequent filing of these and other fraudulent documents with the state and federal courts. Crystal’s story of victimization is also placed into the context of important statutes, case laws, and evidence showing the role that Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, MERS, Bank of America, and other bank “servicing companies” have in enabling and supporting foreclosure mills like the Trott & Trott law firm in committing these crimes in open view of the public and the courts.

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