Two professors from the University of Michigan come forth as whistleblowers to reveal that one of our country’s premier unversity’s President Mary Sue Coleman and Regents have for this past decade been participating in the greatest “sell out” of our country’s greatest economic treasures in history… China. It’s not only our manufacturing jobs but our our technology that is going overseas. What they don’t steal from us through theft and espionage, these education leaders are outright giving away through corporate-style “joint ventures” and a massive rush-to-greed. On the bandwagon…..the new Michigan governor? Seems Gov. Rick Snyder has been playing down his involvment in startup businesses in China and with China, both directly and indirectly. Seems also that there is an increasing exposure of certain facts surrounding his “venturing” into companies dealing with “dual-use” technology, which CAN (and does) get used for all kinds of “smart” warfare, even against our troops when put into the wrong hands. Have we got the light shining on greedy politicians and university brass with their hands in the cookie jar? Watch the 10-minute “teaser” with an overview of over three hours of studio interviews with Dr. Bill Kauffman and Dr. Doug Smith.



And afterwards, watch this 4-part video series with the details from these two university professors who had witnessed things from the inside, and who were retaliated against for years for trying to expose this “fleecing” of American jobs and technology and putting our country potentially at great risk for their own selfish profit. You be the judge.