“What’s Going On in Benton Harbor?” – “SAFE AT LAST!” self-defense expert DAVID SCHIED introduces this story about “The Trial of Rev. Pinkney”, a black activist and outspoken minister FOR social justice and AGAINST civil rights oppression and the deprivation of Constitutional liberties.

David Schied reminds his audience that the type of corruption spotlighted by this story – involving the abuse of power by law enforcement, by prosecutors, and by judges – is, and always has been, a commonplace experience for poor African-Americans. What Rev. Pinkney is experiencing – being “railroaded” to prison and “forced” into a lifetime of carrying a felony “conviction” record – is occurring all over the country.

This is the story of a true American patriot – Reverend Edward Pinkney – who is no less of a leader of freedom and justice than the founding fathers of our U.S. Constitution; and he is no less a fighter…for equality in education, for equality in opportunity, and for the governance of America legitimately BY the people…not corruptly OVER the people. The story is entitled, “What’s Going On in Benton Harbor?” The title is presented as a question, however upon viewing this video…viewers will easily recognized that they already KNOW what is going on in Benton Harbor. This story should be as disturbing and as insulting to you as an American….as it did disturb and insult David Schied when he first heard about this “miscarriage of justice” and questioned this case of felony corruption in and around the courtroom of Judge Alfred Butzbaugh, Prosecutor Gerald Vigansky, and county employee Det/Sgt Dan Dannifel of southwestern Michigan.

“Untitled” 3rd film about decades of corruption at the management level of a major Detroit automaker, in combination of civil and Constitutional rights violations against a disabled minority woman. She has decades of documentation showing that despite “playing by the rules” and doing everything right, she was nonetheless denied services by her union, by corporate management, by civil rights and labor department, the ACLU, the NAACP, and by lawyers and judges when reporting abuse, threats of violence, sexual harassment, and retaliation by her blue collar management.

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